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Well it’s 2009 and I decided to give our web site a new contents page. This will make the main pages even easier to find and will bring what were previously ‘sub’ pages to the forefront too. Just click on the photos in the contents page to jump to detail pages about the kits, boat parts, products pages, general information, free plans and of course this blog. I hope you like the new look and find it even easier to navaigate. www.scalesailing.com

Happy New Year from us both to you all,
Graham & Jan


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I took a break from the workshop on Sunday to go along with friend Don to the WSBA annual picnic. The club always puts on a very nice spread for lunch alongside the pond in Sheridan Park, Milwaukee. I would like to say thank you to everyone who organised the day and especially the ladies for the food and bingo!

I took the opportunity to sail a Pintail with a gaff/jib rig I built some time ago. For anyone who doesn’t remember, Pintail and Holly were sister ships and Holly was to have a gaff rig and a low coaming type deck so that it would fit in the footy measuring box. So the boat I sailed on Sunday was basically a kit built Pintail with an added bowsprit and the rig from Holly. Simple huh!

Well she sailed really well in a good breeze which at times got very strong. Like the good sailer he is, Joshua (the skipper) headed up into wind to ride out the worst of the gusts, sails flapping wildly. The rig looked really good with a nice amount of twist in the main sail and the jib flying high. I did a slightly odd thing with the jib in that it is pivoted on the forestay and the jib boom is hung from the jib foot. I did this because I wanted to get a more scale like look to the boat under way. Full size yachts generally have the jib pivit around the forestay rather than on a pivot about 1/3 along the jib boom as is the usual model practice. This can be less efficiant in light winds but I love the way it looks. I was quite suprised by how quick the boat looked too, when we get another club footy race organised I think that I will enter this gaff Pintail to see how she goes against the others… should be interesting.

I just can’t help but love footys!

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