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Hello. It’s been awhile.

Last year brought major changes for me, both in my work and my interests. ScaleSailing had to take a back seat while my new business partner and I launched our T-shirt design business, “odd guy art.” We have great plans for that business, and it will continue to take much of my working time. Also, some of you may know that family health matters complicated the latter half of the year. Thankfully, that worked out well in the end.

So, I have chosen to get ScaleSailing back in the water, as it were, by seriously streamlining the business. I intend to concentrate solely on the production of the Kittiwake K2 and OPUS rig/sail kits. A few of my custom accessories will be available, too, but I will no longer sell servos. Check out the products page at ScaleSailing.com for the new line up.

The Kittiwake K2 will be supplied as the same craftsman quality (yet easy-to-build) kit as before. With the comprehensive step-by-step building instructions and the extensive CD of building photographs, K2 is regarded as one of the best kits on the market. The kit builds a beautiful, fine-sailing wooden boat. Two years of increasing production costs and smaller production runs mean that I will no longer try to compete with the cheap (mass produced) kits on the market. However, ScaleSailing kits will still be produced with the same care and love that I always applied in the past and I truly hope that you will still find them to be great value for your money.



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The first OPUS Rig (TM) kits are shipping out of the footy boat yard today. During next week I will be filling the rest of your pre-production orders and building up inventory so I have rig kits ready to go in quick order.

The weather has been a little milder here of late, above freezing in fact. So with any luck the water will be turning soft earlier this year than the last two years. When that happens, I am looking forward to doing more trials with the OPUS Rig on other hulls, especially the K2 as I have had a number of questions about that already. I am very keen to hear feedback from OPUS Rig users as to what hulls they are using it with and suggestions of mast socket positions. I will add such suggestions to the building and tuning instructions for the rig.


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The Kittiwake design of footy has become something of a standard in the footy world to my immense joy. At the beginning of October K2 number 400  was part of a three kit fleet which went to the Czech Republic and they have become  some of the first (if not the first) footys to be registered in that country.  I hope you enjoy them and the fun racing they will give you and your friends Phillip.

In August three kits went to Osaka, Japan too, I think they were the first K2’s to arrive there too. I should make an up to date list of countries where Kittiwakes create their little wakes, just for fun.

People who are unfamilier with the name have asked me what a Kittiwake is. Well from Wikipedia…

The kittiwakes are two closely related seabird species in the gull family Laridae, the Black-legged Kittiwake (R. tridactyla) and the  Red-legged Kittiwake (R. brevirostris). The  “Black-legged” and “Red-legged” are used to distinguish the two species in North America, but in Europe, where R. brevirostris is not found, the Black-legged Kittiwake is often known simply as Kittiwake. Interesting huh 🙂

So now we are looking forward to racing through the 400’s and celebrating the sale of Kittiwake K2 number 500! In the meantime we are going to do something I will call ‘K2: Ten Specials’, every tenth kit starting with KW2:410  will be a little bit different  in having coloured sails  or a mix of colours instead of the standard kit white sails.  These specials will be listed on the ‘Specials’ page  http://www.scalesailing.com/specials.htm  at our web site. As each ‘K2: Ten Special’ kit is produced I will list it there. If no one pre-orders it at that stage it will simply go out to the next customer in the usual numerical order. These will sell for the normal price. First come first serve of course and only on the numbers I list on the specials page so you can’t ask for KW2:480 until that batch is in stock and listed ok 🙂

Have fun footying…

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As the test build for this boat is coming together it is giving me more thinking time which can be a dangerous thing for me. Designing is my first love in model boats and leaving an idea alone is hard for me! I have now drawn the templates for the new sails and I have increased the area to be more in line with that of the ‘Siren’ design. The main sail shape will now be like the ‘Pond Sprite’ with the curved entry leach top and bottom. This shape works well without battens which has it’s advantages.

Whilst thinking about the sails I saw a simple way to take advantage of the carbon fibre jib luff without the full ‘loose topped’ system which I designed for the Siren and Pond Sprite. I will incorportate that idea into the kit. The original area and shape sails will still be avalable for those who wish to have a similar boat to an existing club fleet.

So far the other change has been to add 3/4″ depth to the keel fin. Since the original Kittiwake all of my fins have been deeper so I saw no reason not to make that change to the Kittiwake II also. With the changes in place I expect the new Kittiwake to be a more competitive boat in Footy racing. The original design was not intended to be a race boat, rather it was a small good handling and easy to build introductory RC yacht. But many Kittiwakes have found their way into racing fleets so my aim now is to make it into a more competitive boat without sacrificing the other attributes which have made it such a popular boat.

Photos soon when I have made enough progress for you to see the difference.


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On Saturday the Wisconsin Scale Boating Association had their annual run at our club lake here in Kohler near Sheboygan. It is always a fun day with a wide selection of scale boats, yachts and just plain fun boats on the water together. The WSBA is based around Milwaukee but does have members from many parts of Wisconsin. http://www.wiscaleboat.org/ 

Over the weekend we had two grand daughters staying with us so they had their first taste of model sailing and appeared to really enjoy it. What I do love about model sailboats is that it is so easy to let a youngster try it. Things happen slowly so as not to be a risk to anyone yet the boats do react well to the controls and give a very obvious sense of accomplishment to the new ‘skipper’.  I know our older grand daughter was quite reluctant to give it up so maybe her sailing career is worth persuing!

It was a beautiful day in the mid 70’s with a nice steady breeze to sail in and keep us cool. I have flown model aircraft for many years but I have to say that doesn’t come close to the fun and relaxation to be found at the pondside on a lovely summer day. Sharing the fun with family too really adds to the pleasure. Find yourself a boat and join in!

If you are in the Sheboygan, Wisconsin area or within driving distance you can contact our small club (Sheboygan Area Model Yacht Club) via our web site at http://www.scalesailing.com/samyc.htm


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