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Well it’s been a lovely summer so far here in sunny Sheboygan, Wisconsin. The lakefront is looking beautiful and the lake itself is sparkling daily. My walks along the river have never been more fun and the Opti’s dancing in the harbour more delightful. The coffee tastes great, the music lively, the arts scene busy and the company is entertaining. So this is where I have been, choosing life!

The Kittiwake business is not being neglected though, sales have been good this summer and enough to keep me busy with those rather than any new additions to the fleet. A batch went to Canada for a youth construction project which I hope is going well. I had the first Kittiwake K2 go to the Czech Republic a few weeks ago and a batch of three will be leaving for Japan this week. Supplies have been challenging though, my usual source for carbon extruded tubing has been very slow fulfilling a current order. This is not impacting the K2 kits but it has stopped me being able to start production of the OPUS rigs just yet. Hopefully this will be resolved soon, no doubt there is a huge shipment on it’s way across an ocean somewhere.

Dragon continues to sail well and will be having one change before the final production version, a larger rudder. I have come to the conclusion that the una rig is a little more reluctant to tack than a sloop rig as on the K2 and a more powerful rudder will bring it back to the snappy tacking I think these footys need.

Other news is that the 3x cell battery boxes with integral receiver switch are selling very well. It’s a nice simple solution, I convert the boxes with a servo lead so that they plug directly in to your receiver without a seperate switch harness. Three of the Lithium Energiser dry batteries give plenty of voltage (they are marked as 1.5v but give more like 1.75v even under load) for operating a footy. I have been using the 3xAAA box in the Dragon prototype and it just seems to keep on going and going!

Other other news, my daughter in England just bought her first house so I’m ‘chuffed to bits’ for her about that. So I’m told I need a plane ticket to go and help with the painting and decorating. Cheap accomodation, I can camp out on the job 🙂 . My MGB engine work has just been completed so I’m looking forward to getting my hands back of that and starting assembly intead of stripping things apart. That looks like an over winter rebuild now but I’m determined to have it ready for the spring. Of course my daily runner Ford, isn’t, running that is. But it’s a Ford right, pity it’s only a 4 cylinder or I could get it ‘clunked’!

Anyway, I hope your summer sailing is proving to be fun too. If you are in the northern parts like me, enjoy it while you can, get out of the basement 🙂


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I hope you had a great and enjoyable 4th. I may shed a tear for the loss of the colony but then I drown my sorrow in a good Sheboygan brat and an ice cold MGD and all is well. One has to at least try to move with the times.

Big weekend in Footydom too, the first Euro GP held in England at the Birkenhead club appears to have been a great success. Entries from the USA, Canada, Italy and Great Britain raced over two days is very variable conditions. I was not there unfortunately, having spent my GB racing budget last September. Hopefully next time around I will be able to make it.

Outside of Footys I have a new distraction. I have had my eye open for an interesting car for awhile and found one on the 3rd… bought it on the 5th. By interesting I mean a British sports car of reasonable age. So a little orange MGB now sits in our garage. Glued together in 1980 she sports the later rubber bumpers and an 1800 engine. Some prefer the earlier chrome bumper models but I am of the age where I remember the streamline shape of the rubber bumpers appearing on the road and rather fell for this new modern looking MGB. Clearly that feeling has stayed with me to this day. Chrome snobs need not comment 🙂

Business wise I am about to go and make some red Pintail sails for a few kits to send to Keith, our British supplier. Interestingly the Pintail is attracting much more interest there than here in the USA. Those and a few more Kittiwakes will be shipped later this week so if you are looking for a kit give Keith a call.

And then there were the Wimbledon finals and the British F1 GP, quite a weekend!


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