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Last week we sailed over to Michigan on the Badger car ferry. The Badger is a wonderful coal fired steam ship which sails between Manitowoc in Wisconsin and Luddington in Michigan across Lake Michigan.  For anyone who doesn’t realise how large this lake is, the crossing takes four hours across what is essentially the narrow east west mid-section of the lake, that’s 60 miles. We had a very nice crossing under blue skies http://www.ssbadger.com/newhome.aspx

A few days later we were in Traverse City which we found to be a very attractive and interesting place. Traverse City has a very lively main street with good shops and restaurants. Then there is the Mission Peninsula which divides the deeply entrapped Traverse City bay into an east and west half. Mission Peninsula is a very productive wine growing area with numerous vinyards and ‘tastings’ to enjoy. On the west bay side we found the very inviting public slipway pictured above and I couldn’t resist a sail.

With Arnold at the helm ‘Holly’ sailed very nicely in the very light flukey wind. In fact I noticed a bit of a drift and with the winds being so light didn’t dare to head out very far into the vastness of the lake. So I stayed close to shore in the crystal clear water while Jan took some photos.

You really can’t beat a ‘footy’ size yacht for this sort of thing. Their small size makes them so convenient to travel with. I really enjoy being able to stop when we find a suitable place and there is also the fun of looking for these little public slips to use. Quite often you will discover some beautiful spot which you would have just driven by otherwise. Miniature cruising is just a fun way to add extra interest to any trip you take. We hope you are having fun too.

(photos by Jan)


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