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I have had a few questions about compatibility between the original Kittiwake kit and the new Kittiwake K2. Probably the most important aspect being whether the sails and rig of the K2 will fit on the earlier boat. The simple answer is yes, with a few small modifications.

The mast is the same diameter on both boats so the new rig will drop straight into the mast socket in the earlier Kittiwake. However to handle the larger jib sail it will be necessary to add a bowsprit to the hull. To do this you must first remove the brass screw eye at the bow. Then sand off the finish on the raised deck support strip so that a wood dowel bowsprit can be epoxied in place. The bowsprit is 3 1/2″ long and 1 1/2″ will project in front of the bow. Sand or file a flat on the bottom of the bowsprit to give a larger gluing area and epoxy it down. Add a couple of small brass screws if you like. That’s really all there is to it.

I am making the new K2 sails available at $19.95 the pair, taped and holed ready to use. Also a full conversion kit which includes the sails, carbon tube booms, carbon strip forestay, aluminum mast tubes, various fitting parts,
thread, bowsprit, extract from the K2 instructions, drawing and photo CD showing assembly of the rig is available for $29.50

The hulls are the same so you can expect the balance of the converted Kittiwake to be the same as a K2. The keel of the K2 is a little longer with the same 7oz keel weight so a K2 will be a little ‘stiffer’ and able to handle a little more wind than a converted Kittiwake. This is not really a problem though because you can quickly change back to the original sails and rig by making a new jib pivot thread which will then slip over the bowsprit. The control line guides for the main and jib booms all stay in the same place. You will just need to make sure that the lengths of the lines work for both rigs by adjusting the K2 rig connections to suit.

For the racers… about the possible rules changes
There are a group of proposals currently being voted on by registered Footy Class members. None of the changes if they are accepted will impact the Class legality of either the Kittiwake or the Kittiwake K2.

The most significant is if the 4x AA battery restriction is lifted. If an owner  changes to lighter batteries in our designs the performance will not be adversely affected. Lowering the overall weight in this way will automatically improve the ballast-to-overall weight ratio and make the boat a little stiffer. I would most likely stay with the heavier batteries in many conditions because it looks like a little more inertia is a good thing in footy racing.

If the rig choice rule is changed the kit rigs will be unaffected and the alternative rigs available as free download drawings at our web site will still all be relevant. We will always add details of more rigs as I make and test them. So come what may you will continue to be able to enjoy the extra fun of class racing your ScaleSailing footy.

All the best,

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Quite a week in so many ways for the great and the small. We have a brand spanking shiney new president to carry our hopes forward into the next decade. I must say that as a newcomer to these shores I have been fascinated with this campain and deeply drawn into the process. Despite not yet having a vote I cheered along with the rest, feeling very proud that my newly adopted country is bold enough to take this step. Good fortune to you Mr. Obama.

On the small side, well it’s big for me, we passed the 300 Kittiwake kits mark. Orders are starting to flow for Christmas too so I can see # 350 not so far away. The sudden influx of orders though has meant that I am currently out of stock of K2’s while I get the next batch together. The seamless transition I planned last time didn’t work out, best laid plans of mice and men etc. So I am taking names for a pre-order list and I do expect to be shipping again in the last week in November.

I will be away from the business from 8th Nov. to the 14th Nov. so won’t be able to answer emails during that time. Our autumn break in the woods with a roaring fire and dark skies beckons… I just might sneak a footy along 😉

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